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DEERE317: Was more so referring to everything it interacted with. Jun 14, 2021 22:38:15 GMT -6
DEERE317: The stuff that let out the magic bangs Jun 14, 2021 22:38:32 GMT -6
DEERE317: (Computer magic smoke of fries hardware reference) Jun 14, 2021 22:39:00 GMT -6
DEERE317: *fried not fries Jun 14, 2021 22:39:18 GMT -6
Dairydeere: lol Jun 14, 2021 22:40:50 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Surprisingly didn't get anything damaged on the inside of that chopper Jun 14, 2021 22:41:08 GMT -6
DEERE317: That’s surprising Jun 14, 2021 22:42:16 GMT -6
DEERE317: Reminds me of a guy on I forget what forum (and forget what I was looking up related to hay) that run a cinder block well head/cistern cover (or something like that) through his NH discbine and it somehow survived. Jun 14, 2021 22:43:24 GMT -6
DEERE317: And also night (or is it evening over there) as I’m going to hit the sack. Jun 14, 2021 22:45:35 GMT -6
Dairydeere: lol, it's 10:15 here, so I'm out too. Night Jun 14, 2021 23:13:15 GMT -6
DEERE317: , how you doing? Jun 15, 2021 19:33:55 GMT -6
DEERE317: I hate old worn out square balers... Dad and I spent probably over 16hrs over the last 3 days trying to bale 3ac of hay... knotter and twine issues galore. Jun 17, 2021 23:54:17 GMT -6 *
DEERE317: And then our Deere salesman’s round baler broke and he went to prompt care with back pain. So the backup plan also was a no go. Sigh... I guess it’s a good thing this isn’t our first time baling hay. Also Discovery channel should’ve been there, they could Jun 17, 2021 23:56:13 GMT -6
DEERE317: ‘ve made a reality TV show. Lol... Jun 17, 2021 23:56:39 GMT -6
DEERE317: And all but a few scraps and busted bales have been baled and hauled. Bent the knife arm to make it have better contact with the bill hook and it bales mostly fine, even with our thin poly we had to use as we ran out of our old heavy Sisal twine. Jun 18, 2021 20:48:11 GMT -6
Dairydeere: lol, sounds like fun Jun 20, 2021 23:51:39 GMT -6
DEERE317: Lol Jun 21, 2021 8:57:05 GMT -6
DEERE317: and the 8N didn’t start tester for baling what remained so we had to use the Deere, and I got rained on running 20mph in the Gator, raindrops hurt... Jun 21, 2021 8:58:01 GMT -6
DEERE317: Yesterday not tester autocorrect Jun 21, 2021 8:58:27 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Would anyone be interested in me putting some of my old savegames up for sale? Don't know when I'll have the time to play them again haha Jun 22, 2021 11:25:13 GMT -6