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DEERE317: After revisiting Device Manager, it turns out its disabled due to a Code 43 Error, hopefully it’s software based as finding an MSRP RTX3060 is next to impossible. Apr 10, 2021 12:57:51 GMT -6
DEERE317: Still have to check a few other things but it’s not GPU drivers from what I can tell... Apr 10, 2021 19:38:21 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Well, hopefully it's software. I've heard that finding computer parts is a nightmare these days Apr 10, 2021 22:21:13 GMT -6
DEERE317: Yeah. Lol Apr 10, 2021 22:25:05 GMT -6
DEERE317: Kind of odd though. Between that and getting a Star Wars book from the library (Invincible) I’ve not really gotten on YouTube or the forums much the last couple days. Apr 10, 2021 22:26:26 GMT -6
Dairydeere: haha. Friday I had a load of schoolwork, then today I was getting a lot of work done on the farm. I usually check the forums in the evening, and surprisingly not much happens Apr 10, 2021 22:52:44 GMT -6
DEERE317: This weekend has been no fun. Lol Starts with my GPU doing I don’t know what, then dad discovered the livestock trailer had had a suspension bracket break off, and then he got called into work on the middle of the night. (All within like 12 hours) Apr 11, 2021 7:12:29 GMT -6
Bryan83: We got a mention today by MrSealyP on his Lukah Farm Let's Play. Super stoked about that. Apr 15, 2021 19:59:41 GMT -6
DEERE317: That's pretty sticking cool Apr 15, 2021 21:24:03 GMT -6
DEERE317: You weren't joking! It's linked in the description. Apr 15, 2021 21:26:15 GMT -6
DEERE317: Welcome anyone who found us here from Mr. SealyP’s video. Apr 15, 2021 22:46:51 GMT -6
DEERE317: I maybe forgot my manners about an hour ago by not welcoming anyone... sorry. Apr 15, 2021 22:47:35 GMT -6
DEERE317: Hello everyone Apr 20, 2021 5:45:55 GMT -6
DEERE317: Quiet around here. Apr 22, 2021 13:50:01 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Yea, it's been really busy for me at least in real life Apr 24, 2021 9:56:27 GMT -6
Bryan83: Today is day one of the active posting challenge. A mere 3 posts a day gives you a shot at some cash for your farm! Apr 25, 2021 9:22:29 GMT -6
DEERE317: Just have to have stuff to post on. Apr 25, 2021 12:42:45 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Man, I haven't been able to visit this place in forever May 4, 2021 20:16:05 GMT -6
DEERE317: Happy Star Wars day 3 days late May 7, 2021 17:54:42 GMT -6
DEERE317: Hey , watched Bad Batch yet? May 12, 2021 15:42:46 GMT -6