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DEERE317: And all but a few scraps and busted bales have been baled and hauled. Bent the knife arm to make it have better contact with the bill hook and it bales mostly fine, even with our thin poly we had to use as we ran out of our old heavy Sisal twine. Jun 18, 2021 20:48:11 GMT -6
Dairydeere: lol, sounds like fun Jun 20, 2021 23:51:39 GMT -6
DEERE317: Lol Jun 21, 2021 8:57:05 GMT -6
DEERE317: and the 8N didn’t start tester for baling what remained so we had to use the Deere, and I got rained on running 20mph in the Gator, raindrops hurt... Jun 21, 2021 8:58:01 GMT -6
DEERE317: Yesterday not tester autocorrect Jun 21, 2021 8:58:27 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Would anyone be interested in me putting some of my old savegames up for sale? Don't know when I'll have the time to play them again haha Jun 22, 2021 11:25:13 GMT -6
DEERE317: Interesting idea. Jun 22, 2021 13:38:12 GMT -6
Dairydeere: I'll either sell all the equipment on them, or sell the farm and just hand over the savegame file. Only problem would be the absurd amount of mods people wouldn't have because my mod list is probably ridiculous lol Jun 22, 2021 14:13:12 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Might just sell the farm equipment for simplicity and for console players to enjoy too Jun 22, 2021 14:13:27 GMT -6
DEERE317: I don’t even want to know how many GB of mods I have… Jun 22, 2021 14:24:22 GMT -6
DEERE317: and Never use… Jun 22, 2021 14:24:31 GMT -6
Dairydeere: I sit "comfortably" at 712 mods, around 23.1GB. Which is outrageous, and I need to purge some so I have more than 5GB of computer storage left (rofl) Jun 22, 2021 17:10:26 GMT -6
DEERE317: I have 43.1gb of 237gb left on my SSD, and mod folder is 25.9gb and 951 items. FS15 is 8.64gb and 285 files. Jun 22, 2021 21:34:54 GMT -6
DEERE317: , there's a gift for you in the FS Forum screenshot thread. =) Jun 24, 2021 22:24:08 GMT -6
DEERE317: Has anyone seen ? Jun 26, 2021 9:08:51 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Ooo, just saw that, nice pictures DEERE317 :D Jun 30, 2021 22:32:53 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Have not seen PrincessJessi, but I haven't exactly been active lately Jun 30, 2021 22:33:09 GMT -6
DEERE317: It may be on the LSB this coming wheat harvest, or the CIH 9330, Claas 870, JD 7310R, Fendt 724… Jul 1, 2021 21:03:22 GMT -6
Dairydeere: Or that Allis Chalmers 8550 fresh off the "ModHub" plant line... you know you want one XD Jul 2, 2021 21:52:23 GMT -6
DEERE317: I want one but I’m working on my self control, I already have to many tractors. Jul 3, 2021 7:47:42 GMT -6